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You are unique, so why shouldn't your portfolio be as well? I enjoy getting to know my models & incorporating their ideas into our shoot together. Why do I do this? I feel that when the model is involved with the creative processes (vs. being simply told when/where the shoot will be, what to wear, how to pose, etc.) they are muxch more likely to enjoy themselves & the shoot itself. This in turn leads to much better photos. Plus I feel you are more likely to capture something of the model's personality this way than with your standard, static, headshot. A photoshot should be fun, not "work".

Below are some samples of modeling shoots I've done in the past (caution some images do contain nudity). As you can see I also like doing shots that are different &/or unusual. Something that probably dates back to my experiences with experimental/traditional (cyanotypes, lith printing, solarizations, etc.) techniques & processes. More photos, & info, can be found on my site dedicated to model photography:

If you like what you see & would be interested in working together drop me a line. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything: myself, my work, etc. I look forward to hearing from you & working together. Let's great some wnderful images which you will be proud to have as part of your portfolio!

Sunny Strong


Bad Charlotte

Theresa Manchester


Lilith Grey



Sophia 7

Alea Monster


Loralei Raylen

nertia Creeps



Ashley Haven
A Raw Muse
Keira Grant