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Welcome!My name is Jason & you have just arrived at the little part of the web which I call home. I never know what to write for these "About Me" Pages. Guess I'll just tell you a little about my past & answer some of the questions I most commonly get asked. If there is anything you'd like to know not covered in this page you are welcome to contact me with your questions. Of course if you find all this history/info boring you are more than welcome to skip over it all & go directly to the GALLERY or SERVICES page(s). I promise I won't get upset if you do.

Let's see... Where to begin?

I've been doing photography for the last decade or so. I originally got involved with photography in what I'd like to call "a happy accident". Let me tell you what happened.

I have been very active in all the Arts for most of my life. In part because was unable to do the sports when younger like most boys my age & in part because the Arts were always something that I've been interested in. Anyway all through high school & even in the start of college I did a lot of work with & in the Theatre. I figured this was the course my life would take.

As John Lennon once said, however, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

Indeed that was the case with me. I moved up to Northern CA in 1999. Unfortunately none of the community colleges in the area really had much of a Theatre Arts program. Yes they had your basic classes, but that was about it. The one college, Foothill Community College, did have a great program, but only allowed folks in by audition. Now don't get me wrong, I auditioned, but when there are only 5 spots open & over 60 people auditioning you've got to be really, really good. Unfortunately I did not make the cut.

So here I was with a year or so until the next time they held auditions. What was I to do? I noticed that De Anza College had a great Photography Department (on par with that at most 4 year universities). I had always been interested in photography, but had never taken an "official" class. It was all pretty much just taking snaps with an auto-everything point & click up to that point. Anyway I signed up for the Photo 1 class (Beginning B&W Photography). I figured they would compliment my other art skills (drawing, painting, etc.), if nothing else. Well as soon as I started taking the class I was hooked. The rest as the say... Is history.

Long story short I continued on with the photography program & forgot about the Theatre Conservatory program at Foothill. Not that I wasn't interested in the Theatre anymore, but I had found a new love. I spent the next couple years taking every photo class I could. Learning not only traditional darkroom techniques, but the new, emerging digital ones as well.

I got into Photography during what I consider a great time. Digital was still somewhat in it's infancy & so I was able to learn the traditional photo skills (developing my own film, making prints via an enlarger & wet darkroom, etc.) along with how to merge these with the new digital technologies. Learning how to use Photoshop as a Photographer rather than a Graphic Artist.

Some of my favorite classes were the "Experimental/Traditional Techniques" classes. I loved learning the how everything worked. Not just the how, but the why & all the history behind it as well. Of course once I learned the rules I'd then go off & experiment on my own. Trying new things, new techniques, etc. I like to say that: "I learned the rules so I knew how to break them". Soon I was trying things like making prints with a colour enlarger & B&W negatives, using a pinhole camera to capture an image & then scanning that negative & using Photoshop & other digital techniques to process & print it. I also really got into night photography.

One question I used to get asked a lot is whether film or digital is better? Which is the "truer" photography? I have a real problem with this as both are "true" forms of photography. You wouldn't ask a painter whether oil or water colours is the "true" painting. Both are just as true. They just involve different techniques & have different looks. It's the same with digital & film. Each one has it's own look & it's own way of working. It all depends on what you are doing & what you want to achieve. Rather than "film vs. digital" I think we should look at as "film or digital".

Personally I shoot mainly digital now as film equipment & supplies are, sadly, becoming harder & harder to obtain. That & I do not have the access to the traditional darkroom that I once did when in college. In addition after Sept. 11th 2001 it has become increasingly harder to travel with film. I still use film on occasion (again depends on what I'm shooting) & I count myself as lucky to have learned the traditional darkroom skills & techniques. These are techniques, at least from a shooting stand point, that I feel transfer over very well when shooting digitally.

This brings me to the question I probably get asked the most: "What kind of camera do you use?". As you've probably guessed from reading above the answer to this question is not quite as simple as one would first assume. Truth of the matter is I use multiple cameras. It all depends on what project I am currently working on. Put simply though if I am shooting film I usually use either my Nikon FM2n 35mm SLR or my Mamiya C330 Pro F medium format TLR; or both. On the digital side of things I tend to favor Nikon cameras. My current DSLR is a Nikon D300. I hope to eventually upgrade to either the 610 or 810, but currently don't have the $2,00 to $3,00 that would take.

I finally decided to put my knowledge & skills to work & see if I couldn't make a living from it all. Hence this site.

I not only offer various prints for sale, but I also offer a wide range of other photography related services. You can find more about these by clicking on the links ("STORE" & "SERVICES") above.

Before I go I guess I better explain the name of this site & its meaning. I'm sure a lot of you when you first saw it thought something along the lines of "Well, it's all Greek to me". In truth if you did you wouldn't be far off. It's actually the combination of two Greek Words; Photo meaning light & Mageia meaning Magic. Put it all together & you get Magic Light which pretty much describes what Photography is & how it works.

Guess that's pretty much it. I can't think of anything more to write & you are probably getting bored reading about me & my life. Hard to believe I started this out saying I didn't know what to write huh? Anyway if there is anything you'd like to know, that I've not included here, feel free to ask. I also welcome any comments/suggestions you might have about the site itself. Its my first site & I designed & built it myself.

Thank you for visiting my site & checking out my work! I enjoy sharing it with others. Helping them see their world in a new light.